Food & Nutrition

Your health starts with what you eat.

Here at HELP our main goal is to keep clients healthy and that begins with what they eat. HELP Food & Nutrition program provides clients with nutritional assistance services such as food vouchers, nutritional supplements, and medical nutritional therapy with our Registered Dietitian.

Services include:

  • Food vouchers. HELP Food & Nutrition program offers a $50 bi-monthly food voucher for Ryan White eligible clients who meet program income criteria.
  • Nutritional Supplements such as Ensure, Glucerna, Suplena, and Nepro are often available for clients with an “underweight” Body Mass Index (BMI) or who have experienced qualifying documented weight loss.
  • Medical Nutritional Therapy. Participation in Medical Nutrition Therapy with the Registered Dietitian is required to participate in the food voucher and nutritional supplement programs.
Motivation is important no matter what your goal.

HELP’s Registered Dietitian offers client-centered nutrition counseling, working collaboratively with clients to move towards achieving their nutrition goals; client goals often include management of current medical conditions and/or prevention of future chronic illnesses by means of diet. Our Registered Dietitian also offers referrals to relevant nutritional programs, food banks, and other nutrition resources.