Case Management

A Case Manager will work with you directly to help you arrange the services you need. Whether you are newly diagnosed with HIV or have been receiving care for a long time, we are here for you. Our case managers are experts on local services for people living with HIV. Some people meet with a Case Manager once or twice to arrange medical care, insurance, financial assistance to pay for medications, lab work, and even insurance premiums if you qualify. Other people meet with their Case Manager on a regular basis and/or talk with them every week. You are welcome to call our office Monday through Friday to speak with a Case Manager.

Here are some of the services a Case Manager can provide:

  • Help finding a qualified Doctor in the area you live
  • Arrange and appointment for you to be seen at Corktown Health Center
  • Assist you in getting to your appointment if you do not have transportation
  • Help you find other medical services you may need or want, including dentists, nutritionists, and therapists as well as others based on what you need
  • Assist you in paying for HIV medications if you do not have insurance and cannot afford them
  • Assist you in applying for insurance from Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan as well as any private insurance you may be eligible to receive.
  • Advocate for4 you with public benefit programs including Social Security
  • Provide general financial resources, which can include food, housing, utilities, and transportation assistance

If you need Help today, call 313-832-3300 and ask to speak with a Case Manager.  Each weekday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. someone is here to assist new callers.