Behavioral Health

HELP’s Behavioral Health program offers a variety of interventions to address mental health
concerns, behavioral changes, and other psychosocial needs of our clients. Our services include
individual, couple, family, and group therapy sessions; gender-affirming assessment and referrals
for our transgender clients, and support for the changing needs of our clients. A typical service
session with a client includes assessment of the client’s needs, clients then receive treatment
and/or referrals to other relevant resources based upon their individual needs. Behavioral Health
therapy does involve a commitment of a weekly or bi-weekly session for 3-6 months to get full
benefit of this service.

Our services include:

  • Individual, couple, family, and group therapy sessions
  • Gender-affirming assessment and referrals for transgender clients
  • Support for the changing needs of clients
  • Referrals to relevant resources in the community


Health Emergency Lifeline Programs is committed to offering our services to all people in the community regardless of your ability to pay. We can offer our services on a Sliding Fee Scale, based on your income if you do not have insurance.