Behavioral Health

HELP’s Behavioral Health program offers a variety of interventions to address mental health concerns, behavioral changes, and other psychosocial needs of our clients. Our services include individual, couple, family, and group therapy sessions; gender-affirming assessment and referrals for our transgender clients, and support for the changing needs of our clients.

Early Intervention Services

EIS provides services for clients who are newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, people who are new to the Detroit Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA) and people who have lost medical care for a period of 6 months or greater. EIS responsibility is to aid in the access to services by providing clients with linkage to medical and supportive care services.

Food & Nutrition

Here at HELP our main goal is to keep clients healthy and that begins with what they eat. HELP Food & Nutrition program provides clients with nutritional assistance services such as food vouchers, nutritional supplements, and medical nutritional therapy with our Registered Dietitian.

Housing & Financial Assistance

HELP provides financial support for utility & housing assistance necessary to stay in medical care and improve the overall quality of life.

Case Management

Whether you are newly diagnosed with HIV or have been receiving care for a long time, a Case Manager will work with you directly to help you arrange the services you need. Our case managers are experts on local services for people living with HIV, including medical care, insurance and financial assistance with medical treatment. 

Tobacco Cessation

No lectures, no pressure, and no fear tactics – this is your quit journey! Our Tobacco Treatment Specialists offer one-on-one support for people who use commercial tobacco products. Personalized tobacco… read more »

PrEP Navigation

Our PrEP Navigation program helps clients who are at risk of contracting HIV with accessing PrEP (Truvada for Pre Exposure Prophylaxis). The PrEP Navigator’s role is to support clients in… read more »